About Us

Hi - I’m Mykala! 😊. 3 years ago I had my daughter, Stella Rae. Once that ultrasound showed us she was a girl, that gave me the green light. I became OBSESSED with the small shop bow world. One day while opening up our latest bow mail, my husband says to me, "You know, I bet you could make these."

Challenge accepted.

I ordered materials that same night. My first few bows were horrendous, but I was determined. After many failed attempts, several Youtube tutorials later, & some pushes from my friends & family, Rae of Sunshine was born. What started off as a cheaper way to build my daughter's bow collection, became a small business, in which I get to dress not only my daughter, but your kiddos in my creations as well!

I started off with simple fabric bows & soon branched out into faux leather bows & so many other products. This business has allowed me to embrace my creative side; I love being able to make one of a kind creations & make my visions - & yours - come to life!